That’s right you can have your very own food truck! The food trucks made at American Mobile Vending  are completely custom built to customer specifications. Some standard equipment is a 4 compartment sink, 40 gallon fresh water tank, 50 gallon waste water tank, fireproof insulation, custom counter tops and shelving,  equipment installation, electric work, custom generator box and propane tank enclosures, custom back doors, custom serving window with dampers, all gas lines, exhaust hood, and custom steam table . Trucks can be made with a variety of materials from diamond plate steel to different types of plastics. Build time is usually 8-10 weeks and warranties are available. See more pictures in our Gallery!


  •  Vinyl wraps
  • Commercial generators (based on your specific needs)
  • Digital menus
  • LED lighting/signs
  • Solar panels
  • Sound system
  • custom bumpers
  • ATM machine
  • Truck protection
  • Custom drink coolers
  • custom refrigerator/freezer and cooking equipment available upon request

FOOD Trailers

Food trailers are a great alternative! all food trailers are certified by PENN DOT. They are custom built from beginning to end, to customer specs. The frame of the trailer is made from steel. The sizes of your trailer can range from 4×6 to 8×24. Other materials as well as warranties are available.

Food carts

Food carts are built for mobility! If you need to be on the go and aren’t looking to break the bank then a food cart is for you. Some popular sizes are 4×6, 4×8 and 5×10. The frame of the cart is steel and all carts are built to your city’s code. All carts are guaranteed to pass health inspections. Warranties available.